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An old piece of text

2009-07-03 13:24:53 by Tetigi

Here's an extract I found that I've obviously written in my less sane moments....

"I am the evil cheese lord of Moose!" Cried Morgan. As he said this, he threw himself at the gruesomely shiny piece of banana, and exploded into a cloud of geraniums!
"Freedom!" He screamed, rolling into the spongy crevice that is my frankincense. After he had vetoed the motion, he gazed his beautiful eye upon the creamy moon. How elephantic it was! With it's greasy hobo-ness, and fruity blankets of mice.
"My, how greasy the moon is on this fine day" Splurted himself, "OMIGOD! LEAVES!!!" After the leaves of doom had finished their attack, he brought his rake up to arms.
"May my rake of doom bring love and peace to all of your families! Bring peanuts!" Swinging his screwdriver, he melted.
"Arrr it burns cap'n! Feel my hairy banjo!"

With that, he became a monkey, of the XTREME kind! With his hyper monkey flavors and dog like accuracy, he soon brought terror to all those of the upper nether regions. Potatoes!

Yes, well.
What do you think?

An old piece of text


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2009-07-03 15:32:46

You have what it takes to run an insane asylum!

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.


2009-07-05 21:26:50

I like his teeth.